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Lodz, the former textile industry empire, today is a city of unique palaces, villas and nineteenth-century textile factories. Visit the city of art festivals, openings, exhibitions, and exciting music events. It's a metropolis where a landscape of industrial architecture mixes with silhouettes of the 20th century office buildings and production halls transformed into a modern, stylish objects. Lodz constitutes a good example of advanced revitalization processes with Europe’s famous Manufaktura among many. A few years back, architects and designers brought back to life this historic industrial complex of Izrael Poznański and changed it into modern trade, entertainment, culture and recreation centre.

Lodz for the weekend

Begin your exploration of the city in the heart of Lodz, Piotrkowska Street with an almost endless selection of restaurants, cafes and bars along its 5 km lenght. A "must see" is OFF Piotrkowska Center, the new project which gathers creative industries in one place: music clubs, restaurants, fashion studios, concept stores, showrooms and coffeehouses. Then you can jump to the rickshaw, which will take you to the massive Poznanski's palace situated on the corner of Zachodnia and Ogrodowa street. The next important place is Manufaktura, one of the biggest shopping and restaurant center in Poland. It's a stunning example of modern architectural preservation and re-purposing of a historic site. 20 ha of surface includes, among others, a Market with colorful fountains – a place, which hosts festivals, concerts and outdoor events, restaurants, over 300 shops, discos, a bowling alley, a climbing wall and a multiplex cinema.

Lodz for entertainment

Without any doubt, Lodz can be called a city of festivals. World-famous designers and powerful fashion houses, such as: Kenzo, Prada or Gucci, as well as young fashion designers from Lodz meet twice a year during the biggest fashion event in the country – FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland. Each year, the city hosts several cyclical events of international importance. Fotofestiwal – an International Festival of Photography awakes strong interest of critics, artists and the most important authorities. The programme of International Festival of Comics and Games is composed of drawing workshops and scenario workshops, as well as numerous exhibitions and meetings. Explorers Festival should be recommended to the fans of extreme sports, mountains and travel. During the Light Move Festival you can admire illuminated by color lights buildings and multimedia projections displayed on their walls. Each year, the most famous events: Lodz Design Festival, Se-ma-for Film Festival, Lodz of Four Cultures Festival, International Festival of Music Producers Soundedit.

Lodz for Street Art lovers

Urban Forms Gallery is a permanent street art exhibition in a public space in Lodz. As for now, it consists of 30 large format paintings, murals, created directly on the side wall elevations of buildings placed in the city centre. They form an artistic trail open to everyone: citizens and tourists.

When travelling to Lodz do not miss:

  • Piotrkowska Street: Is the representative street of Lodz. In the summer season, colorful restaurant gardens encourage to relax.
  • Księży Młyn (Priest's Mill): A vast district, which has survived almost unaffected since the period of the bloom of industrial Lodz. In the 19th century, Karol W. Scheibler – one of the biggest manufacturers in Lodz, built an industrial and residential complex, a type of city inside the city.
  • Manufaktura: A center of entertainment, culture and commerce.
  • Museum of Canal "Dętka": Is an underground, oval water tank, built in 1926 in order to rimse the sewage system in the city center. As one of the first sections of the urban sewage system, it was designed by William H. Lindley, a British engineer.
  • Botanical Garden: Is located near a large park at Zdrowie. We can find here a rich world of birds, counting 75 species and an interesting fauna of aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates.
  • Jewish Cemetery: Is the biggest Jewish necropolis in Europe. On its territory, there are approximately 180,000 tombstones.
  • The White Factory: The White Factory was built in the years 1835-1839. The Museum is the organizer of Międzynarodowe Triennale Tkaniny Artystycznej (International Triennal of the Tapestry). Within the museum, there is the Museum of Wooden Architecture in Lodz.
  • Palace of Karol W. Scheibler / Museum of Cinematography: The palace received its final neo-Renaissance shape in 1888 (designed by E. Lilpop). The Museum collects exhibits related to the history of the Polish cinematography.
  • Palace of Izrael K. Poznański / Museum of the City of Lodz: Is the largest manufacturer’s residence in Poland.
  • ms2 – Museum of Art: New space of Muzeum Sztuki occupies the historic building of the 19th century spinning-mill of Izrael K. Poznański.

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