Passenger rights

Each passenger of European Community airlines travelling within
the European Union, departing from an airport located within
the European Union to third countries or arriving in an airport
located within the European Union from third countries has
the following minimum rights as regards a carrier:
  • right to receive care;
  • right to receive compensation;
  • right to obtain full ticket price refund;
  • right to alter an itinerary;
  • right to obtain partial ticket price refund for
    altering a journey class;
  • right to be informed about passenger’s rights;
  • right to be informed about carrier’s identity;
  • right to file a complaint regarding a carrier.

For more information see
the Civil Aviation Office website:

Prior to starting a journey, it is recommended to
read the Passenger’s rights brochure.

Disabled persons

Disabled persons have the right to be provided with
special assistance on airport premises and during
their journey.

An airport and airlines are obliged to provide the
disabled with free of charge assistance and ensure
the required amenities, which results from EU regulations,
i.e. the regulation EC 1107 of 5 July 2006.

Precise regulations regarding the character and scope
of the free of charge assistance for the disabled to be
ensured and provided on the premises of the Łódź Airport
are detailed in the "Code of good practices as regards the
services for the disabled and motorically impaired persons
travelling by air"
(linked PDF file).