About Airport

Lodz Airport is at a phase of intensive development. The development of an airport is essential for the residents of Lodz and the region. Poland is, after China, the second fastest developing market for air-traffic services, at the moment. As seen by the example of other regional airports, such dynamics have a truly great significance. Airports have a strong positive impact on the economic development of a region. When making decisions about investment locations, the existence of an airport is an important factor.

Our airport has many advantages, such as its central location in the country, the proximity of a junction of main transport routes, a dense population area (approx. 3.9 Million people are residing within 100 km, and within 150 km – 11 Million). 31 European capitals are within the range of regional flights from Lodz Airport.

The present terminal is modern and ensures a high standard of passenger services (including services for disabled persons) in terms of national and international traffic. It has a bar, car rental point , air service companies, restrooms for pilots, the Airport Meteorological Office and Border Guards. Shortly, the building of Terminal II, which will service passengers using cheap airline services, will commence.

A taxi stand and a municipal transport stop (service 55, 65) is in the direct neighbourhood. There is also line L which conect airport with train stations. Airport customers have 450  parking spaces at their disposal.

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Passenger terminal